We at Roeder Lawn & Tree Care fully understand that lawns and trees are meant to create a beautiful surrounding to your home and business. There is no one that will work harder to keep it looking more beautiful than we will.  



There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Roeder Lawn & Tree Care in Kearney, we take immense pride in providing a beautiful looking lawn. We want you to come home to a lawn that is the talk of the block!

No one ever complained about hiring the best.

Our standards are high. So high in fact, we're in a league of our own, moving our entire industry forward. Roeder Lawn & Tree Care knows that trees and shrubs are just as important as everything else in your yard, and we strive to be the best in keeping them healthy and strong all year long. 



Kearney, Nebraska


It's old fashioned now, but we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and simple. Our word is bond, and that applies to our deadlines, as well.


No one ever complained that we had too much integrity.