Lawn Care:

Our lawn care program keeps your lawn looking green and thick all year long with excellent weed control. Everyone hate weeds, and we could not agree more! We strive to create every lawn to look as beautiful as if it was our own. We offer many different options for your lawn treatment. We do strongly recommend the 6-step application program we offer. 

  • Step 1: With Step 1, we offer a great mix to kick-start your lawn and give it a head-start to looking great. We give your lawn a strong pre-emergent to help control and prevent future weed problems while at the same time we combine that with a weed killer that will knock-out your pesky weeds such as crabgrass and broadleaf. To top all that off, we add a great fertilizer that will cure your lawn's craving in the spring time and get it prepared for a healthy feeding all year long. 

  • Steps 2-3-4: Steps 2-3-4 are just as important to us as Step 1. These 3 different steps are applied throughout the summer at the right time to keep your lawn green and thick as we go deep into the hot summer days. When doing these 3 different steps, we apply a slow releasing fertilizer while at the same time we add a weed killer/weed prevention to keep those pesky  weeds under full control. 

  • Step 5:  Step 5 or Grub Control round is a special addition we strongly recommend for every lawn. Grubs are annoying little lawn pests that will feed on your lawn's roots causing your grass to wilt and  turn brown. 

  • Step 6:  Step 6 is a very important step to a great looking lawn for the next year. Our step 6 is providing your lawn with a fall-fertilizer mixed with a winterizer that will keep your lawn strong in the winter months when the snow starts to fly. 

Tree Care:

Our certified arborist has 25+ year of experience. Here at Roeder Lawn & Tree Care, we fully understands what trees mean to you and your family. We do not care if your tree is in the front yard or the back yard, we want to keep it healthy and strong and keep that shade over your head on those hot summer days!

  • Tree Pest Control:  We will provide your tree with the most up-to-date pest control on the market. In addition, we will keep you up-to-date as well with what your area is having problems with. We are fully aware of the terrible Emerald Ash Borer epidemic that is quickly sweeping across the United States, and we want to help you save all your trees before it is too late.

  • Iron Program:  Some trees just need a drink, and we know what it is thirsty for. We can provide your tree with the right amount of iron to keep your tree green.

We would be honored to take care of both your lawn and trees. Please feel free call for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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